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Meet the A+ Team      Initial Consultation

Questions for Marilyn D. York, Esq.


Q1.  What is the most important decision I will ever make in getting through my impending divorce?

Answer -

Regardless of what family law matter you face, your single most important decision is in choosing the best attorney available. Of the 75 plus attorneys in the Reno area who would love to represent you in a family law matter -

less than (16) exclusively practice family law and (5) of them are in my office.

Less than (10) are a State Bar Certified Family Law Specialists and I am one of them.


Q2.  If I hire Marilyn D. York, what can she do that others can't or won't do for me?

Answer - 

• We are the "A+" Team because we are hard-working, attentive, diligent, tenacious, industrious, scrupulous, studious, unflagging, untiring, zealous and yes we will also aggressively fight for you where your case needs it but we are so much more than that.

• We show up to court fully prepared, clear headed (sober and rested), ready, willing and eager to be persuasive and compelling.

• We are very adept and comfortable in Family Court, but Court is expensive so we always try to settle cases quickly without overworking, over billing or adding fuel to marital flames.

• We have rapport with the Court and if you're a gentleman in court, we'll be the very best possible team.

• We won't let you give away the farm or your children. We protect your rights!

• We are sensitive and gentle with you and yet powerful in representing you.

• We can save you money and grief - see Helping Men


Q3.  How much money will my family law problem cost me?

Answer -

For child custody cases where the safety and well being of the child is at risk, your concern should probably be more about not wasting opportunity than focusing on money.
For divorce cases with high and complicated assets, having the best divorce lawyer will save you money.

Divorce sometimes costs our clients $20,000 or more for complicated cases, but $2,500 or less is possible for an Uncontested Divorce.  We consistently charge less than opposing counsels for the same amount of work.


Q4  What is my best next step to get all my questions answered?

Answer -

Schedule an Initial Consultation with the Law Office of Marilyn D. York - it is relatively inexpensive, will remove many of your fears of the unknown, and should make it easy for you to decide your next steps.