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"The strength of your family unit need not be broken, even when your household breaks up. There is no legal team better equipped to protect men, their children and their finances."-- Marilyn D. York, Esq.



















































Nevada’s Only Men’s Rights Family Law Firm and the largest exclusive family law firm in the Reno area. Marilyn York is a Certified Family Law Specialist and


an award winning Family Law Attorney, who together with her incredible team, focuses on representing men while exclusively practicing family law.


There is no other firm in Nevada that focuses their family law practice on representing men! Marilyn York has been voted as the top family lawyer in Reno through multiple platforms. But Marilyn is no exception to her team. All of our attorneys have brilliant minds, the highest morals and ethics and deep compassion for our clients and their children.

At our firm, we truly care. What that means for you is that you will not just have a brilliant attorney but an attorney-paralegal team behind you, fighting to preserve your assets, protect your children and ensure that their best interests are championed, and to support, guide and direct you throughout the extremely challenging process of litigation. We are not here to further our needs or agendas, nor will we ever handle your case in a way that maximizes our financial gain. We always try to settle every case we take, so long as that settlement is either in our client and his children’s best interests or what our client desires once he is fully informed of all of his options. Of course we make more money if we take every case to Court, however, we settle more than 90% of our cases as that is most often what is best for our clients and their children. Settlement does not mean giving up crucial outcomes, however, and it doesn’t often happen in the early phases of the contested court case. We will only settle cases in ways that are truly beneficial to our client, after we have full disclosure to consider and help our client weigh all of the options. That is why we are successful and what we consider “success”. No one truly “wins” in a family court litigation. While sometimes necessary, litigation is extremely costly: financially and psychologically. Regardless, when litigation is necessary to ensure our client’s best interests are served, we are litigators and absolutely prepared, skilled and fierce in that endeavor. Trial is nothing short of war and we are warriors.

Hiring a family lawyer at our Reno firm means you have hired all of our lawyers because we have regular meetings at which we discuss any of our difficult cases or challenging issues and together come up with the best strategy to resolve your case.  Marilyn York, the firm’s founder has been practicing family law since 1998. She opened her divorce and family law firm in 2001 and has been focused on representing men since it’s inception! Marilyn York personally oversees the firm as well as her own case load and the cases she works with the other lawyers in the firm. She consistently works with all firm paralegals as well. She does her best to regularly collaborate with all staff at the firm to ensure everyone follows the highest standards of quality and service when it comes to divorce and family law. What she finds is that she learns as much or more from the other members of the team as they likely do from her.

Marilyn D. York
Certified Family Law Specialist, Nevada
Licensed and in good standing in California and Nevada
Voted one of RGJ’s Top 20 under 40 Winners  
Voted Super Lawyer and Rising Star in the Mountain States by Super Lawyer Magazine
Voted Top Lawyer in Reno News and Review multiple years
Featured as an expert on the National Film, Divorce, Inc.
Featured as a Web Redemption on Tosh.O
Regular Columnist for RGJ answering legal questions in “Ask Marilyn”

[updated 9/26/19]